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Grid school presentations online

December 13, 2007

Twenty eight presentations are online from the International Summer School on Grid Computing (ISSGC) ‘07. Quoting from A collection of 28 presentations captured at the ISSGC ‘07 have been made available online for the first time. The topics covered include: the basics of distributed computing, using common...

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Article: Emerging Linux Filesystems

December 11, 2007

Emerging Filesystems is a LinuxWorld article that Chris Samuel just put online (see his blog entry about the article). It has a lot of great overview information, benchmarks, and interesting insight into ChunkFS, NILFS, btrfs, ext4, Reiser4, and ZFS. I’ve been interested in how people are tackling...

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Virtual Cluster Appliances

December 6, 2007

This Better Know a VM entry, Virtual Cluster Appliances, gives an overview of VM contextualization technology which is scheduled to be part of the next workspace service release. This is not just relevant to classic grid computing, but any situation where you’d like to automatically launch many virtual...

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Red Hat MRG includes Condor

December 4, 2007

From this press release: Distributed Computing: Red Hat Enterprise MRG enables customers to leverage the full power of distributed computing with commercial-strength grid capabilities, based on the University of Wisconsin’s highly respected Condor high-throughput computing project. “Final product availability for Red Hat Enterprise MRG is scheduled for early...

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Globus Toolkit 4.1.3 is available

December 3, 2007

The GT development team is pleased to make its newest development release available for download. The 4.1.3 release contains early looks at new features destined for GT 4.2. However, this release is not covered by the same level of support and documentation as stable GT releases. and as...

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