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New Xen RoadMap

October 30, 2008

Some interesting things in the new Xen road map. [via Stephen Spector]

Nimbus TP2.1

October 16, 2008

Besides the good stuff added to Nimbus, this release also introduces something called the AutoContainer which allows you to set up a Globus Java web services environment, from scratch and with security working, within about a minute (requires Linux/OSX and Java 1.5+). The main new features provided in this...

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Windows and Cloud Computing

October 2, 2008

All this Windows cloud news afoot. Make sure to read this post on the GoGrid blog: Windows in the Cloud? Been there, done that! GoGrid has already almost a year of proven experience providing Windows Server 2003/2008 to end users - we are also a Microsoft Gold Certified...

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