Congratulations everyone!

On behalf of the Globus Toolkit development team I am pleased to announce that a new stable release of the Globus Toolkit is now available. GT4.2.0 contains an upgrade to the web services specifications used by the toolkit as well as new features in all services. New users are encouraged to use the 4.2.0 release. Existing users may wish to evaluate the new software while maintaining their existing installations; due to the specification upgrade, the webservices are incompatible with the 4.0.x series. Details on the spec upgrade are available in the release notes.

Relevant 4.2.0 links:

Thanks for your support of Globus software!


New Features!

  • Persistent HTTP/S connection support in Java WS Core
  • Dynamic deployment support in Java WS Core
  • JBOSS 4.0.x support in Java WS Core
  • An implementation of WS-ServiceGroup added to C WS Core
  • C command-line tools for WSRF operations
  • Support for GetResourceProperties and QueryResourceProperties in the
  • Delegation Service

  • Added support for the OGSA-AuthZ Authorization Service to CAS
  • Server-side attribute-based authorization framework enhancements
  • Support for a pluggable Policy Decision Point (PDP) designed to minimize
  • common authorization errors

  • Enhanced security descriptor framework
  • A Web service interface for the Replica Location Service (RLS)
  • Improved support for multiple TriggerRules in the Trigger Service
  • Improved configuration interface for the Trigger Service
  • Java API to assist in creating resource properties from external
  • information sources

  • A new resource manager (RM) adapter API in GRAM4