We’re pleased to announce the official release of xen 3.0.4!

This is largely an opportunistic stabilising release for HVM guests, due to
the large amount of work in that area of the code since 3.0.3. These
enhancements have in particular improved support for SMP and ACPI Linux and
Windows operating systems.

Other highlights of this release include:
– support for kexec/kdump of Xen and domain 0;
– graphical framebuffer support for paravirtualised guests;
– preview support for the new XenAPI management interfaces;
– enhanced support for IA64 (IPF) and Power systems.

Since 3.0.4 is an interim release, certain features such as HVM save/restore
will now be part of Xen 3.0.5 which we expect to release in early 2007.

You can get the source using mercurial from:

Source and binary tarballs, and RPMs, will be made available from:

Keir (on behalf of the whole Xen dev team)