Today Ewan Mellor of XenSource gave a run down of old and upcoming Xen management interfaces (on the Xen-API mailing list). Quoting:

  • xend-http-server: Very old and totally broken HTML interface and legacy, generally working SXP-based interface, on port 8000.
  • xend-unix-server: Ditto, using a unix domain socket.
  • xend-unix-xmlrpc-server: Legacy XML-RPC server, over HTTP/unix, the recommended way to access Xend in 3.0.4.
  • xend-tcp-xmlrpc-server: Ditto, over TCP, on port 8006.
  • xen-api-server: All new, all shiny Xen-API interface, available in preview form now, and landing for 3.0.5.

Here is the whole email.

Those are just the management interfaces released with Xen, here are some others…

Note that these all do not have the same semantics, “remote” can mean very different things (grid, wan, intra-cluster, human vs. programmatic interface).

I’m surely missing some. If you can think of others, please add a comment. [[Thankyou for the additions everyone!]]


“Xen for remote use”:


“Xen for sale” (infrastructure itself not available for download or purchase):

[[ This list is looking good recently though missing EC2: ]]