Tom Scavo writes on gridshib-announce:

The GridShib Team is pleased to announce GridShib
SAML Tools v0.1.1.

The most visible feature of this minor point release of the GridShib SAML Tools is its ability to use a Java KeyStore as the issuing credential. The install script now creates such a KeyStore, which reduces the startup requirements to Java and Ant, nothing more.

To try out the GridShib SAML Tools, please visit the GridShib Downloads page:

The GridShib SAML Tools issue or request SAML assertions and optionally bind these assertions to X.509 proxy certificates for use on the grid (or in other scenarios).

The toolbox consists of the following components:

  1. SAML Assertion Issuer Tool
  2. SAML Attribute Query Client
  3. SAML X.509 Binding Tool
  4. Globus SAML Library

For more information, read the GridShib SAML Tools 0.1.1 documentation.