Outage and Security Postmortems

Google Compute Engine and Predictable Performance

Keep a Small Surface – Webapp Isolation

Rogue Root CAs because of MD5 collisions

GridShib for Globus Toolkit v0.6.1


GridShib for Globus Toolkit v0.6.0 final


GridShib SAML Tools v0.3.0

Recent GridShib news

VMM detection

GridShib SAML Tools v0.2.0 is available

GridShib SAML Tools v0.2.0 Technology Preview 2

GridShib SAML Tools v0.2.0 TP1 and GridShib for GT v0.6.0 TP4

Technology Preview 3 of GridShib for GT v0.6.0

MyProxy 3.9 is available


GridShib CA v0.4.0 and GridShib SAML Tools v0.1.4

GridShib for GT v0.5.1

VOMS authorization library 0.2 for GT

GridShib SAML Tools v0.1.3

CFP: VEE 2007

GridShib SAML Tools v0.1.2

Attacks on Virtual Machine Emulators

GridShib SAML Tools v0.1.1

Blue Pill counter argument

Implementing Persistent Identifiers

GT4 Java Core with certificate tools

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