Google Compute Engine and Predictable Performance

Number Crunching Made Easy (Newsweek mention)

What is Nimbus?

Nimbus Meets STAR Production Demands

Nimbus TP2.2

Nimbus user quotes

Nimbus TP2.1


Nimbus module independence

Nimbus TP2.0


VWS RSS feed

One-click clusters, VWS TP1.3.3

rPath Enables Cloud Computing for DoE, CERN

Workspace Service TP1.3.2

Stratus Cloud at the University of Florida

Workspace Service TP1.3.2 release candidate 0

Tutorial: Virtualization and Cloud Computing with Globus

Nimbus: The University of Chicago Science Cloud

Workspace Service TP1.3.1

Core Concepts: Virtual Cluster Appliances

Virtual Cluster Appliances

Workspaces at SC07

Workspace Service TP1.3

Workspace Group Service

TP1.3 documentation

Workspace Service TP1.3, release candidate 1

Better Know a VM: Part 1 of 435

The first one-click STAR production cluster

Workspace EC2 integration; Contextualization

Workspace Service TP1.2.3 is available

A Scalable Approach To Deploying And Managing Appliances

A Resource Management Model for VM-Based Virtual Workspaces

Virtual Workspaces Service TP1.2.2, DHCP support added

Container abstractions in grid computing

Xen vs. kernel containers: performance and efficiency

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