The GridShib Project is pleased to announce the release of GridShib SAML Tools v0.2.0, which is available now from the GridShib Downloads page:

The GridShib SAML Tools, an easy-to-install, standalone software package requiring only java and ant, let you issue or request SAML assertions and optionally bind these assertions to X.509 proxy certificates. You can try an online demo of the GridShib SAML Tools before downloading:

Version 0.2.0 of the GridShib SAML Tools includes the following new features:

  • New command-line options and configuration parameters (IdP.entityID, authnInstant, dateTime.pattern)
  • Support for multi-valued attributes
  • Introducing the GridShib Security Framework
  • Support for RFC3820-compliant proxy certificates
  • Updated Globus SAML Library (source code included)
  • Java API (gridshib-common-0_2_0.jar) for developers

See the CHANGES file for a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes:

For developers, there is a Java API (with javadoc documentation) and sample code illustrating the use of the Security Framework. GridShib SAML Tools supports both the production and the consumption of X.509-bound SAML assertions.

GridShib SAML Tools v0.2.0 is compatible with the forthcoming GridShib for GT v0.6.0.

Tom Scavo
for the GridShib Team