It’s thrilling to organize things better.

From the Nimbus features page:

There are currently two supported remote protocol sets:

  • WSRF based: protocol implementation in longstanding use by previous workspace services and clients including the cloud-client.
  • EC2 based: clients written for EC2 can be used with Nimbus installations. For more information, see What is the EC2 frontend?

These protocols happen to both be Web Services based and both run in the Apache Axis based GT Java container. But neither thing is a necessity:

  • There is nothing specific to web services based remote protocols in the workspace service implementation, the messaging system just needs to be able to speak to Java based libraries.
  • Workspace service dependencies have nothing to do with what container it is running in, they are more “straight Java” style dependencies like Spring, ehcache, backport-util-concurrent, and JDBC (currently using the embedded Derby database).