Yupdates is shutting down

A high volume, highly available cron pattern

Strongly typed IDs

Staying focused and productive with GitHub

How to implement rate limiting with Redis

Serverless throttling: denial of wallet

Single-query challenges in DynamoDB

Twitter and Reddit, you have better options

RSS Gardening


What was the first AWS service?

100ms delays with Rust on Lambda

Programmatic Process Groups with runit

Serverless Rust Testing

On Leaving AWS and Starting a Business

Context is Everything

Outage and Security Postmortems

Google Compute Engine and Predictable Performance

Keep a Small Surface – Webapp Isolation


Number Crunching Made Easy (Newsweek mention)

What is Nimbus?

Nimbus Meets STAR Production Demands

Perspectives on Distributed Computing

Nimbus TP2.2

Rogue Root CAs because of MD5 collisions

Nimbus user quotes

New Xen RoadMap

Nimbus TP2.1

Windows and Cloud Computing

GridShib for Globus Toolkit v0.6.1


Surely, this should be called a “cloud calculator”

NC State’s Virtual Computing Lab


Survey on use of virtualization in production grids

Nimbus module independence

Nimbus TP2.0


Grid Systems Administrator / Programmer

statistically indistinguishable from perfect

VWS RSS feed

One-click clusters, VWS TP1.3.3

Major Globus Toolkit release: GT4.2.0

Workshop: Cloud Computing and Its Applications

rPath Enables Cloud Computing for DoE, CERN


Workspace Service TP1.3.2

Stratus Cloud at the University of Florida

Workspace Service TP1.3.2 release candidate 0

GridShib for Globus Toolkit v0.6.0 final

Xen-API community call

Xen 3.1.4 and 3.2.1

Cloud computing discussion group

Tutorial: Virtualization and Cloud Computing with Globus

Cloud bandwidth management

Amazon EC2 persistent storage

Cloud lock-in is not such a big deal

TeraGrid planning site

New Xen versions coming

Google launches application hosting

OGF 22 Cloud Systems BoF


Virtualization Girl


The Gradual Shift

Globus Toolkit 4.0.7 now available

Name terminal windows from inside them

USENIX opens archives

Sixth International Summer School on Grid Computing

Nimbus: The University of Chicago Science Cloud

GridShib SAML Tools v0.3.0

Cloud Computing Theme Song

Workspace Service TP1.3.1

One dollar for a million SQS operations

OGF Thought Leadership Series

The Definitive Guide to the Xen Hypervisor

Globus Toolkit 4.0.6

Xen 3.2.0 is out

Grid school presentations online

Article: Emerging Linux Filesystems

Core Concepts: Virtual Cluster Appliances

Virtual Cluster Appliances

Red Hat MRG includes Condor

Globus Toolkit 4.1.3 is available

Ceph Distributed Network File System

Volunteer computing mixed with traditional grid computing

Apache Synapse 1.1

New Hadoop blog

Workspaces at SC07

Recent GridShib news

Grid Application Systems Design

Oracle and Microsoft

Grid Technology Cookbook

GCE07 papers

Workspace Service TP1.3

One and a half billion dollars

Workspace Group Service

TP1.3 documentation

VMs and education

Workspace Service TP1.3, release candidate 1

EC2 has more instance types now

Xen 3.1.1 released

Better Know a VM: Part 1 of 435

Grid Gurus

The first one-click STAR production cluster

VMM detection

GridShib SAML Tools v0.2.0 is available

XenSource acquired

GridShib SAML Tools v0.2.0 Technology Preview 2

VTDC 07 update, workshop date


VDT 1.8.0 released

GridShib SAML Tools v0.2.0 TP1 and GridShib for GT v0.6.0 TP4

Google’s Seattle Conference on Scalability

Blue Gene/P

Globus Toolkit 4.0.5 is available

Technology Preview 3 of GridShib for GT v0.6.0


KVM Forum 2007

GridWay 5.2.1 released

Workspace EC2 integration; Contextualization

Grid Index is now working for IE6

MyProxy 3.9 is available

Grid Index not working for IE6

Grid Index update

CFP: Special issue on Networks for Grid Applications

Grid Acronym Soup

The Rumor Mill

Globus Toolkit 4.1.2 released!


The Grid Index

Xen 3.1 is available

Utility computing without VMs “considered harmful”?

GridShib CA v0.4.0 and GridShib SAML Tools v0.1.4

Axis2 Handler Visualization

HP’s Server Consolidation

S3 re-pricing commentary

VMware Workstation 6.0 record/replay

Xen 3.0.5 is now Xen 3.1.0

Open Science Grid Coordinator of Education, Outreach and Training

Linux 2.6.21: tickless idling

4th Xen Summit


Xen 3.0.5 release candidate 3

Workspace Service TP1.2.3 is available

AgileDelta's Axis Integration Kits for Efficient XML

ESX boot process

A Scalable Approach To Deploying And Managing Appliances

The next frontier: Virtual Appliances

Software Appliances

A Resource Management Model for VM-Based Virtual Workspaces

Knoppix 5.2 includes six virtualization packages

rBuilder and EC2

HVM laptop list virtualization tech comparison

Virtualization Workshop Update

CFP: Grid 2007

Midwest Grid Workshop 2007

GridShib for GT v0.5.1

VOMS authorization library 0.2 for GT

Windows paravirtualization on SLES 10?

GridShib SAML Tools v0.1.3

Paravirtualization support in Linux 2.6.20

CFP: VEE 2007

Enomalism 0.6.1

openQRM version 3.1.3

DRBD, LVM, GNBD, and Xen for free and reliable SAN

Xen remote management interfaces

Virtualization and hardware sales

Enomalism 0.6

GridShib SAML Tools v0.1.2

Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

LHC on schedule

Attacks on Virtual Machine Emulators

Cluster your JVM to Simplify Application Architecture

lhype renamed to lguest

EasyMock for JUnit tests

GridShib SAML Tools v0.1.1

Virtual Workspaces Service TP1.2.2, DHCP support added

Amazon encourages EC2 image sharing


Virtualization overview at IBM developerWorks

Blue Pill counter argument

Debugging Globus Java services with an IDE

Virtual framebuffer for PV guests introduced in Xen 3.0.4

Java 7 get/set syntax shortcuts

Implementing Persistent Identifiers

Virtual Data Toolkit 1.6.0

VMware Workstation 6 Beta

Xen network diagrams

Container abstractions in grid computing

Kernel based virtual machines

Xen 3.0.4

Xen adoption, kernel inclusion

Xen vs. kernel containers: performance and efficiency

Xen vs. KVM

TeraGrid07: CFP

Xen 3.0.4 is imminent

Google Patent Search

GT4 Java Core with certificate tools


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